Second North American Conference on 
Natural Vision Improvement
April 26 - 27,  2003 







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San Francisco, California

Meir and Dror Schneider volunteered to spearhead the next conference (open to the public!) in San Francisco, at the Lone Mountain Conference Center. It was co-sponsored by the School of Nursing at USF.  

Here is an overview:

There are three parts to the event:

Friday preceding the conference, April 25th, there'll be an association (AVE) meeting at the School for Self-Healing. We'll have a business meeting, and otherwise spend most of the time offering classes to one another. We'll charge for this day about $30 per person to cover food and other miscellaneous expenses. 

The second phase is The Conference, open to the public, where we hope to see some 250 participants, including AVE members. The conference will be Saturday and half Sunday (say, until about 1 pm). The cost for non-members of AVE is $230 including 3 meals - lunch on both Saturday and Sunday, and dinner on Saturday, (which will allow us to stay and party without going out first). The cost for AVE members will be $180 with the meals. 

We are planning on having a bookstore corner, and carry your books and tapes etc.

The third part of the conference is post-conference workshops, which will start after lunch on Sunday, and continue until Tuesday! We will offer 2-3 workshops at a time. We have 2 rooms at the conference center, and will also make the classroom at the School for Self-Healing (about 12 minutes drive away from the conference) available.

Talk to us also about the possibility of seeing people for individual sessions at the School.

For specific questions about the program, contact  

Know of any other conferences coming up? Let me know and I'll post information and a link here!