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 NEW by Joy Thompson!

"Easy on the Eyes ... a fresh look at vision"
by Joy Thompson, is available from the publishers at Friesen Press as well as all other online sellers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and many other online sellers.

What makes this book unique? Here's what people are saying:

"A truly visionary book. It is profoundly inspiring, well researched and eloquently written. It provides a phenomenally innovative and healthy way of seeing, feeling, and thinking about our eyes." ... Dr. Hugo de Burgos, Professor of Medical Anthropology, UBC, Okanagan

     “Easy on the Eyes” can be described as a book of inspiring possibilities.
     Most people are unaware that there is a healthy and natural alternative to improving eyesight. Joy outlines important steps each person should be taking to guard the health of their eyes to see as clearly as possible, naturally, and at any age.
     Joy’s knowledge and passion for the subject shine through, as she describes her journey with clients who moved from blurriness to clarity, from despair to delight.
     Her stories make the book engaging and personal while providing the reader with exercises and tips to use to begin their own journey to clearer vision.
     There is simply no other book quite like it. This is a health book for the eyes and the heart!

From Carina Goodrich brought to you by The Janet Goodrich Method)

The Practical Guide to Natural Vision Improvement

In this easy to use and understand book you will be taken on a step by step process that will help you to:

- Learn the principles and techniques effective for short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia), ‘over-40’s reading blur (presbyopia) and astigmatism.
- Understand your prescription and work through reduced prescriptions and other transition tools until you no longer need corrective lenses.
- Set up your personal program of proven vision improving activities.
- Understand and work with the emotional causes of visual blur.
- 264 pages with over 140 illustrations including colour charts.

“Carina’s book is a joy to read, clear, concise, with easy-to-find and understand sections and all the techniques to improve eyesight through natural methods. Over the years I have seen great success in those who are dedicated to regular vision games. The effect of Carina’s techniques can be miraculous, at all ages.”  Jenny Livanos, O.D. NSW Australia

For more information:

The Read Clearly Naturally Kit  For Presbyopia

A comprehensive programme for over-40's reading blur (also known as presbyopia), this Kit will get you started and help you maintain your good vision programme for life.

The RCN Kit includes cds with audio lessons and activities, instruction manual, pinhole glasses, eye charts and more.

"The RCN Kit is a really fantastic package! In a short time (5 days) I can definitely feel how improvement will take place, and it’s already helping to change my habits for the better. The self-evaluation process really made me realize where my vision is at and that now is the time to take action.

I was thinking I was powerless about my eyesight, and just the knowledge that I can take control over the situation is really important to me. It’s so simple and straight-forward, yet informative and life-changing.  And you can do it anywhere, anytime." Lorelle Fisher, Qld Australia

For more information:


The Personal Eyesight Training Kit

                        For myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism

This amazing kit offers audio lessons, activities with music, instruction booklet, charts, reference guides and pinhole glasses, all designed to make it easy to use and to apply the activities on a regular basis. 

 Just like having lessons with a private instructor, The Personal Eyesight Training Kit provides the tools and step by step instructions for your vision improvement.

"The PET programme CLEARLY explains in detail how perfect eyesight can be achieved by working holistically with one's health.

This is an incredibly well put together programme with huge insight into the characteristics that make up the myopic personality."  Sue Ferguson, Qld Australia

For more information:

 Home Vision Training Programs by Gene Younger








Are you interested in correcting your vision naturally, without the use of glasses, contacts, or lasik surgery?  It is said that we see 90% with our minds, and only 10% with our eyes. You HAVE other options, and using the Bates Method is one of them.


• Nearsightedness (myopia)
• Farsightedness (hyperopia or hypermetropia)
• Computer eye strain (CSS)
• Presbyopia ('middle-age sight')
• Astigmatism
• Eye fatigue and discomfort
• Discomfort in bright light (photosensitivity and photophobia)
• Vision related headaches
• Eye teaming difficulties, strabismus and amblyopia

The Clear Vision Naturally Home Training Program Is designed to help people improve vision naturally with Bates method techniques. It includes a high definition DVD that shows Clear Vision Naturally clients demonstrating many of the exercises & activities originally developed by Dr. Bates to naturally correct eyesight. There are NO ACTORS in this Bates Method DVD. These are all real people, just like you, who have been working on improving their natural eyesight.  Our instructional Users Guide (included) explores the exercises in more detail, providing Sample Practice Plans & additional information. Also included is our original Mini-Shifter, an important practice tool for eyesight correction.


• The Bates Method DVD
• Getting Started With Natural Vision Improvement CD
• Positive Palming CD
• Useful User’s Guide
• Mini-Shifter which is used for 2 basic exercises
• Sample Practice Plans and Vision Walk Reminder Card
• Bonus: TWO 30 minute one-on-one sessions with Gene on Skype (FOR A LIMITED TIME)

Please Visit: for prices and more information.








 Eye Power:  Power your Eyes... Empower your Vision  by Barry Auchettl
Eye Power is an ebook that changes how you "see" the world with an eye exercise program that just takes 10 minutes per day. I have just edited the second edition and have found little need for any major change to what has been a very successful program.
I believe that this ebook is of value for both the information included and as a financial opportunity for the vision educators. 

I am offering vision educators an opportunity to join this world wide alliance program that gives you a 50% profit from all sales of the ebook sold through their connections.  The retail price is only $10 per ebook, and as I am using conscious business principles, would like to tithe $1 from every book sold this way to AVE.
Barry Auchettl - Executive Manager, Eye Power
skype: auchettlb


CD Home Study Programs by Greg Marsh

 With a vibrant tone of enthusiasm and encouragement, these programs by Greg Marsh will help you absorb the principles of the Bates Method and visual relaxation at a new level. The complete program (“Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally”), includes aspects of emotions, posture, working with your eye doctor, and how to set up a daily practice to bring success. The included 62 page guidebook includes an excellent summary of the Bates Method, techniques, and lots of photos. Shipping is available worldwide.


 Bates Method Nuggets

The Fundamentals of Natural Vision Improvement by William H. Bates, M.D.
Compiled by Esther Joy van der Werf.
(2010) ISBN 978-1-935894-00-1

The Bates Method Nuggets are the golden nuggets of the Bates Method of natural eyesight improvement. These are true gems, in their original form, the way Dr. William H. Bates published them in his monthly Better Eyesight magazines in the 1920s.

Rather than reading the huge volume of information of all the magazines, Bates Method Nuggets contains the essence in a compact form. The various parts of the method are sorted by subject, and step by step they provide you with a clear picture of the Bates Method in an easy and logical flow.

This book can be used as an easy reference guide to the Bates Method, and is very useful to newcomers to the method as well as to long-time Bates fans. You get the best of Dr. Bates' writings from the ten years after he published his book!
 Paperback, 128 pages, US$15.00
+ $4 shipping within USA, $6 to Canada, $8 to Mexico, $10 worldwide.
Also available as e-book for US$15.00.

You can email her directly
or go to her website for more information




 Love Your Eyes, How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally!

Marie Wilson's 36 page booklet is packed with information along with a series
of eye exercises that will help you maintain your eyesight naturally!

$9.95 plus $3.00 s&h 


 Intentions, A Path to Wholeness

Marie Wilson's Workbook for Self-Healing features setting intentions to change your life. Chapters include Healing from past traumas, Eating habits, Posture correction to eliminate chronic pain along with natural eyesight improvement and much more.

$12.00 plus $3.00 s&h

Order by calling 916-923-2670 or visit my website: www.MarieWilson.Info

The COMPLETE Magazines of William Bates as an e-Book!

Created by Esther van der Werf

Finally available: The complete, unedited set (1919-1931) of Better Eyesight magazines! 
This is the very best information on improving eyesight naturally.  
Learn how vision can be improved naturally, easily, and effectively.  
If you've only ever read the 1920 book "Perfect Sight Without Glasses" you may think that you know the Bates Method.  However, the information and case histories in this complete and unedited magazine collection will bring you to a much deeper level of understanding.  These magazines reflect Dr Bates' own growth and increased skills as he continued to develop his methods of achieving clear vision for his patients during the 10 years following the publication of his book.  
You'll be amazed and inspired, you'll learn and understand.  Clear vision will have a new meaning.

Elsewhere the first half of the unedited collection of Dr Bates' Better Eyesight Magazines is sold for US$150.00.  
Soon you can have this incredible resource on your own computer, complete and easily searchable!
The collection will become available on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008, and will sell for only US$99.00 !

You can email her directly
or go to her website for more information
AVE members get $20 off, the usual price is $99.

* * * * * * * * *

And now "Eye Education In Our Schools"
a 116 page e-book collecting Bates' articles about the use of his method in schools,
with a practical overview at the end.  This book is aimed specifically at schoolteachers,
with the hope of bringing eye education back into our schools,
where it belongs and can be of greatest benefit!

For more information, click on

$25 regular price, $20 to AVE members.  (that's a 20% discount again)



Janet Goodrich Method - The Read Clearly Naturally Kit

The Read Clearly Kit Includes:

The most comprehensive programme for over-40's reading blur, this Kit will get you started and help you maintain your good vision programme for life.

* Quick Start Instruction Card
* 2 Lesson CD's
* 2 Activity CD's
* 2 Music CD's
* Workbook (48 Pages)
* Simple to Follow Process Map
* Reading Card
* Distance Chart
* Reminder Chart
* Fusion Chart

Plus the bonuses listed below.
**Introductory special price: $147 AUD**
Bonus Pinhole Glasses. Value $52.
Bonus Nuclear Vision Lesson. Value $20.

Ordering (If you would prefer not to order online)

For offline orders, send an email to . Payment can be made by Australian dollar cheque, money order, or by direct deposit. To pay by credit card offline, please phone 61 70 54944888 and leave your name
and phone number. Our friendly staff will contact you promptly.

The Janet Goodrich Method
12 Crystal Waters
Conondale, Queensland

The Read Without Glasses Method DVD
The simple way to reverse middle age sight (presbyopia)
developed by Dr. Ray Gottlieb
produced by the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision

     Many of you may be familiar with Dr. Ray Gottlieb's method to reverse middle age sight and help people get out of annoying reading glasses. For years, Dr. Gottlieb has been showing his method to vision teachers at conferences and symposiums, but there has never been an effective, easy-to-learn way for everyone to benefit from this amazing method that produces results in as little as 6 minutes a day.
     Until now! Produced by Martin Sussman and the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision, the Read Without Glasses Method DVD (which includes 2 special eye charts) outlines the step-by-step, two part process of Dr. Gottlieb's method. The DVD includes Dr. Gottlieb demonstrating the method, an in-depth review, advanced ways to use the method and troubleshooting tips.
     The Read Without Glasses Method DVD is $39.95 and generous quantity discounts are available. For more information call 800-372-3937 or visit
The Read Without Glasses Method is not Bates exercises. As one optometrist says, " combines the best of optometric vision therapy and natural vision exercises. I've done it, it works."


Movement is Life CD ( the title in Portugues: Movimento é Vida)

A new CD prepared by Sylvia Lakeland and available in Portuguese for all those who want to improve their vision: about one hour of vision exercises and palming oriented by Sylvia. $12 (plus shipping), see for more info.

The Program for Better Vision

The world's #1 best-selling step-by-step system to improve nearsightedness, astigmatism, eye imbalances, eyestrain, and more. Goes beyond Bates and eye exercises alone to offer a comprehensive mind/body approach to seeing better without glasses, contacts or risky surgery - in only minutes a day. Includes training materials and free lifetime support. Developed by Martin Sussman, president of the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision, which has been offering vision care products for more than 30 years. More info and quantity discount prices at

"Yoga for your eyes" on audio tape or CD is available for $12 (includes shipping). It talks you through 10 procedures to improve your visual process. Order from: Leonie Newman, 315 E.72nd Street, NYC, NY 10021.


Total Health at the Computer
How To Be Pain Free at the Computer
by Martin Sussman and Dr. Ernest Loewenstein with Howard Sann


"The best self-help book for computer users."
Dr. Carl F. Gruning, O.D., SUNY State College of Optometry

In this user-friendly guide, you will learn how to prevent, reduce or eliminate the 40 most commonly experienced symptoms of Computer Stress Syndrome. Wrist, hand, arm, neck and back pains of all kinds are covered. All manner of vision problems are covered - including eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches and deteriorating eyesight.

Total Health at the Computer is solution-oriented: All you do is look up your problem and you'll find the simple 3-MINUTE SOLUTIONS that easily give you the relief you need from any of the symptoms of Computer Stress Syndrome.

You'll also learn basic tips to prevent problems before they occur, keeping you productive, efficient and healthy while you use your computer. More info and quantity discount prices at



The Rapid Healing Technique (RHT) is a simple, easy and revolutionary healing technique that anyone can learn that works on all levels of body, mind and spirit.  This book is for anyone who wants to enhance his/her life and has a desire to heal present and past hurts, fears, pain, frustration, anger, and traumas.  RHT will teach you how to get in touch with your feelings deal with them and heal them.  RHT heals known negative emotions, as well as unknown, unconscious physical symptoms.  A complete understanding of the human energetic system is presented.  RHT teaches how to relieve the cause and effects of stress on the body, mind and spirit.  It heals past and present lives and more.

      This is a spiritual journey no matter one’s religion.  We are all on a spiritual path of some kind or we would not be on this planet.  The tools for transformation and Ascension are presented for your discernment and to use for your souls best interest.

      RHT will speed the therapy process.  Therapists will find this simple method a wonderful addition to their current specialty.  If one is inclined in the healing arts, this technique evolves one to be able to heal others as well. 

         Available now in print or CD!  List price of $29.95  plus $3.95 S&H. 
 Ca. residents 7.75% tax. Specify book or CD.   800 420-8474. 
For more information



The Natural Alternative to Glasses, Contacts or Surgery


EYE-ROBICS® is the only home study program of its kind. This program is the same as having a private teacher come into your home, guiding you step by step: What to do, how to do it, how long and how often to do it. Simple comprehensive instructions given in three ways: Written with illustrations, Visual with video tape/DVD and audio with five CD's. These three educational tools are woven into a program designed to create success, eliminating misinterpretation and failure.

The program consists of:

Instruction Manual
Instructional Video Tape or DVD
Fusion Rope
Four Vision Building Charts for Distant Seeing
   Eye Patch
   Five Audio CD's
   Fusion Card
   Eight Vision Building Charts for Reading

All This For Only

(plus shipping)*
To order or for more information go to

    If you have any questions you may e-mail 

By Magic Eye Inc. & Marc Grossman, O.D., L.Ac.

Magic Eye Beyond 3D: Improve Your Vision   Reduce Computer Eye Strain, Stress, & More

Since the 1990s, Magic Eye books have sold millions of copies, and now creators of have developed another magical book. Magic Eye Beyond 3D looks at the medical benefits and scientific explanations of viewing these 3D images. Beyond 3D goes beyond to reach a wider audience with explanations of its fascinating possibilities. It’s more than improving your vision. Viewing Magic Eye images can boost your brain activity.

by Thomas R. Quackenbush
Natural Eyesight Improvement/Bates Method teacher since 1983
 "Relearning to See"---the largest and most comprehensive
    book ever written on Natural Eyesight Improvement

Available from: