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Hey everybody - send me your stories: both your own, and any favorites you have. Cold hard statistics welcome too.


High Myope (nearsightedness), Astigmatism, Lazy Eye - Kate Keilman herself
Kate could not recognize her own brother at 5 feet. She couldn't recognize him as being human! He is a little strange, but not THAT strange. Having worn glasses or contacts for 15 years, Kate improved her vision from 20/800 to 20/80 in a year and a half. She could actually work on a computer without glasses!  The astigmatism disappeared, the lazy eye went away and the two eyes were now equal - before, one was blurrier than the other. The lazy eye was the left eye, which turned out a little bit, not enough for others to notice, but enough for her brain to notice, and the left eye "shut off". If something blocked the right eye, the left eye would "turn on", but there was no depth perception. Eighth grade softball was agony. After relaxing her muscles via the Bates Method, the left eye "got in line" and fusion could occur.

The following were students of mine (Kate Keilman) over the years. 

Presbyopia ("Middle-aged sight") When I teach the technique of sunning, I begin with looking at pretty calendar pictures and have the students notice colors, depth of field, and shadows in addition to details. For some the photos can be rather blurry. Then we learn sunning (with closed eyelids) and come back to the photos. The first course I taught I had not trimmed the calendar pages, and they still had the small print at the bottom of where this beach, or that mountain was located. One of my students let out a whoop and yelled "OH! I can read the print at the bottom of the page now!" He continued to improve and by the end of the course didn't need reading glasses at all. Other students have discovered that they could read the fine print on something and developed an attachment for the object of the print, in one case it was a toothpaste box in a store. She bought the toothpaste and framed the box!

Strabismus (Crossed eyes) - One student had one eye (her right) that turned in so severely, it looked like she was looking at the other eye. Over the years she had undergone 7 different surgeries to shorten the outer muscle and to pull the eye around to the front. This had not been successful. She started the Bates Method and learned the theory that it's not that the outer muscle was too long or too lazy, but that the inner muscle was tight. After three weeks she came to class and announced that her husband of 13 years said "Honey, you are looking at me with both eyes for the first time!" She continued to improve and got both eyes to focus on the same thing at the same time all the time.