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William H. Bates was born in 1850 and is the "Father" of modern day natural eyesight improvement techniques.  He was a medical doctor that wondered "Why can't eyes heal themselves? Broken bones mend, why not the eyes?" and so went back to medical school to study ophthalmology.   

He is credited with the discovery of adrenaline.

Studies, rabbits, the retinoscope, stress in our lives "What was going on when you first got blurry vision"

A Little History

The field of vision improvement has its roots in the Bates Method and vision therapy.  Dr. William Bates was a pioneering ophthalmologist who practiced in the early 1900s.  Dr. Bates realized that when he prescribed lenses, his patients’ vision worsened.  He realized that he was affecting symptoms but not the cause of poor vision.  His life’s work was to develop methods to teach people to improve their vision.