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Now, Classes you can take REMOTELY! With the advent of the Internet/email/and cheap phone calls, you can now take classes from your own home

Jerriann J. Taber Ph. D.

1351 Gibson Highlands
El Cajon, CA 92021-2746
(619) 440-5224
[email protected]

Online Classes

Take private sessions via Skype with Dr. Jerriann J. Taber, a veteran Bates Method teacher of over 40 years. Go to and order the "Eye-Robics" home program. This will allow you to work with Dr. Taber as her program is fashioned after her private sessions. You can do as many sessions as you feel necessary with Dr. Taber. The program is laid out in a step by step, lesson by lesson format. She is there to teach and support you on your journey to clear eyesight. To get started and for more information e-mail Dr. Taber at: or call 619 440-5224.

From Greg Marsh. Free online classes offered through BlogTalkRadio; paid online video classes through WebEx.

From Meir Schneider's School for Self Healing, a Pod Cast! Please click on the link below to download a short audio message from Meir Schneider that can help you maintain your health. (hmmm, maybe not, need more info, they don't stay up long?)

From Gene Younger, a radio interview!

E-mail course on Natural Vision Improvement.

Would you like help in improving your eyesight but you can't find a vision teacher in your area? Good news; you can now take a natural vision improvement course in the comfort of your own home with the Visions Of Joy e-mail course! You'll learn the Bates method, step by step, and gain an in-depth understanding of how to use your eyes in a natural and relaxed way, all day long.

You'll receive six lessons (one per week) via e-mail. After studying each lesson you have the opportunity to ask any questions. This ensures that everything you learn is crystal clear to you and that you're applying the methods correctly.

Before you start, you will receive a questionnaire that is designed to give insight into your current vision challenges. The course will be tailored to your specific needs based on your answers in the questionnaire.

Great Value; The entire course costs less than a regular pair of glasses!

For more information visit .

Esther Joy van der Werf
Natural Eyesight Improvement &
Optimal Breathing Development

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Get instant access to insider tips, special practices, tele-classes & recordings. Become part of a community of vision-improvers: share your questions, learn from others, benefit from the wisdom of Martin Sussman', president of the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision. Keep yourself motivated, involved and committed! Take a 7-day test drive for only $1.00. more ...

Reclaim Your Vision
Individual and personalized phone sessions
with Barry Auchettl from Australia
Creator of 'Conversations: an inspirational game”'
and author of 'The Scan Charts' and 'Eye Power'

Now available as a one hour phone personal coaching session!

Sabotage Clearing & Goal Enhancement
Sabotage Programs are unconscious programs that can run contrary to our conscious desires and goals. These sessions will clear sabotage programs and replace them with more positive goals.

Barry uses a combination of muscle testing and intuition to gain the maximum benefit out of any session. Sessions where a sabotage program exist include a combination of the following:

  • Looking at patterns of eating and what individual foods or drinks to increase, decrease or cut out of your personal diet

  • Shifting your vibrational energy to attract more abundance in your life

  • Overcoming relationship difficulties at home or at work and bring about happiness

  • Looking at constant health problems and see what opportunities there are for change

  • Clarifying your life’s purpose on multiple levels and how to start living it today

  • Any problem areas that keep re-occurring that is no longer for your highest good

  • Clearing underlying belief patterns to seeing and releasing blocks to vision

  • Decreasing eye strain at the computer and change the way you see

NEW! Now includes use of specific scan charts for both finding and living your life's Vision

Session length: 1 hour
Investment: $A100.
(Note: this currently is only $79 Canadian or $61 US as of October 28, 2008)

For bookings,
1. Email Barry at   with at least 3 suggested times your location and phone number
2. Confirmation of times will be made via email
3. Once time is confirmed, Place payment via PayPal at
4. Barry will ring you at the allocated time specified

Barry Auchettl has worked as a facilitator, coach and healer for over 25 years and has taught numerous workshops all over the world. He is the creator of 'Conversations: an inspirational game' and founder of Eye Power. Barry has a background in kinesiology and also a Masters of Education which focused on the detrimental effects computers have on eyesight. His passion is allowing people to shine from within.
Visit Barry’s two web site at

Products Now Available:
Eye Power eBook
Power your eyes... Empower your Vision