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From Association L'Art de Voir, France, November 2008


This is to inform all French speakers about the new French translation 'Une Vue Parfaite sans traitement et sans intervention" published in January 2008 of Bates' original 1920 book  
The French Bates association, considers that this translation by Jean Philippe Marie dit Moisson contains serious errors which create confusion as to the meaning and understanding of Bates' principles.  At the beginning of his work, the translator was invited to allow the association to proofread and check the translation before publication, but this did not happen.
Result:  He has translated the term "eccentric fixation" (a perfectly standard optometric term in French too - fixation excentrique) by peripheral vision (vision périphérique) !
There are other errors as well, but this one is the most serious as it demonstrates either a lack of understanding of the English language or worse, of Dr. Bates fundamental principles.   Dr. Bates often writes comments such as  ..... "those suffering from eccentric fixation"  which in French becomes ... "those suffering from peripheral vision" ! By transposing "peripheral vision" for eccentric fixation, the understanding of the principal of central fixation becomes confused.  Many other texts from the Better Eyesight Magazines have also been translated.(the quality of which we can not guarantee).
He has also registered the term "Education Naturelle de la Vue" as a registered mark and inserts this term in the translation where Bates writes "eye education" but also when it does not apply.
The confusion of peripheral vision among the readers is slowly filtering through, with some people wondering what is good or bad about their peripheral vision and if they suffer from it !
Association L'Art de Voir, France