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[Disclaimer, explanation: The information/workshops listed below are presented by members of the Association of Vision Educators. Every teacher is different. Most offer private lessons, or small group classes, some of which might be on a once (or more) a week schedule. Below is a list of special one time courses that will be offered "in one piece". This would make sense if you wanted to fly in from another part of the country/world and take the course...]







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Elizabeth Abraham
Barry Auchettl
Sam Berne
Maurizio Cagnoli, South America, Italy and Spain
Larhken B. Carroll, California
Sarah Cobb, in Greece!

Carina Goodrich, Australia
Rosemary Gaddum Gordon, New England
Roseanne Hutchinson
Nina Hutchings
, France
Sylvia Lakeland
, Portugal and São Paulo
Greg Marsh
Melissa Moody
Margaret Montgomery and Aileen Whiteford, England
Martha Rigney, North Carolina

Meir Schneider, San Francisco

France: Workshops (in French with possibility in English)  :  www.methodebates.fr

2017 Bates Method Residential Summer Workshop
in France - 1 – 5 August 2017

Ardèche, France – Bates Method and Juggling.

The workshop explores visual habits and capacities and how to improve use of eyes in everyday life with the principles and activities of the Bates Method. Enhancing these principles with half an hour of Juggling in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon will stimulate ocular mobility, left-right brain integration, postural and body awareness with fun, laughter and relaxation. In a beautiful environment with view of the French Alps in the distance, a swimming pool for relaxation and cooling off during free time, the conditions for improving eyesight are just perfect. The workshp will be in French. If French is rusty, assistance in English possible. But a general knowledge of French is required.

Click here for a PDF



Special Vision Workshops with Sylvia Lakeland
in São Paulo - May 23,2015

Every two months Sylvia brings recent news and a lot of body and vision exercises for all those who want to learn and experience clear vision as well as recycle exercises and sel-massage. The next workshop happens 23 May 2015. For further details and dates check www.lakelandsylvia.com/agenda.html.


10th Yearly Holistic Vision Seminar in São Paulo -  1 to 4 October 2015 - Discover lakelandvisionfocus©

For the last ten years Sylvia organizes  the Yearly Holistic Vision Seminar, in São Paulo, when people from all over the country and South America come over with their vision and body problems to discover how it is possible to improve through relaxation and conscious training of eyes, posture, body, mind and spirit. This year new subjects including  lakelandvisionfocus© and other new subjects with many  surprises to excite the imagination and intuition for more vision and happiness. Details at site wwww.lakelandsylvia.com.br 

Events in Lisbon

9 to 27 October 2015 in Lisbon - Vision Workshop, Private Private Sessions and Outdoor Vision Exercises with Sylvia Lakeland.

28.10 to 2.11.2015 - at Alcalá de Henares/Madrid for the 25th IHVC, Sylvia will practice vision and body exercises every morning with all participants of the International Conference. Details http://ihvcmadrid2015.com.

Holiday on Eyes, with Maurizio Cagnoli

There are a lot of workshops happening in Italy  http://www.metodobates.it/date.htm

and Spain http://www.metodobates.it/buena-vista/taller.htm


and also Mexico! http://www.metodobates.it/buena-vista/mexico.htm


Everything will happen in the language of the place (Spanish and/or Italian).

We also speak other languages when needed including English, of course.

Maurizio Cagnoli -


Weekend Workshops with Greg Marsh in Fort Collins, Colorado

Greg Marsh offers weekend Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally workshops in Fort Collins, Colorado and other locations. The workshops attract a delightful mix of people who believe they can heal their eyes with natural approaches, and want a boost to get to a breakthrough. It can be an encouraging setting for a person with simple reading glasses, extreme myopia, eye disease, or any other mix. We include EFT “tapping” to help people break loose from whatever reasons they did not want to see in the past. Visualizations help participants send healing intention to their eyes. This sets the tone to experience the amazing Bates techniques at a new and profound level.

For more information go to http://bettereyesightnow.com/weekend.htm

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