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Are you a practitioner of Natural Eyesight Improvement? We include behavioral optometrists, Bates Vision Teachers, Natural Vision Teachers and even ophthalmologists!

We are an association as of November 1999, stemming from the First Annual Natural Vision Improvement Symposium in Virginia, USA. 

Why Join? Here are some of the benefits:

A listing on the Association website
Professional support via questions directed to other members
Professional development via conferences and workshops
Discounts on other AVE members products and services


Yearly dues is $60 (US), including website listing. The first year can be prorated, $5/month (if you join in July, it's 5 * 6 months, or $30, but $60 will be due again in January). Until further notice, send check or money order to:

Association of Vision Educators
Kate Keilman
111 Hekili St., Suite A, #206
Kailua, HI 96734

Please include your name, company name, address, (including postal code), phone #'s, (including fax if you want), email address and website if you have one. Also, a line or two listing any specialties you might have.

If you live outside of the USA, we can accept credit card payments, but email us first, and we'll send you the details. For that or any other questions about joining, send email to info [at]